Fire training

"Using a kind word and a revolver you can achieve more than by a kind word only."

"If enough money was spent on the education and armament, the remaining amount would be spent properly."

"In my opinion, considered heretical at that time, that the civilians who are forced to take up arms, fight no worse than professional mercenaries, and that the long military discipline is not an indispensable half the battle."

Mayne Reid. Quadroon

"If you have a gun, you can lock it up in a gun safe, but it does not mean you know how to fire a gun."

Laurell K. Hamilton. Anita Blake

The author's fire training course is specially designed for the Russian PMC "RSB-Group". It is adapted to the PMC tasks in areas with high terrorist activity and during maritime security operations against pirates, security of vehicle convoys and stationary objects, private security. Our course is not a new-fangled "shooting", well-designed training program and staff training based on operational and practical experience of RSB-Group instructors.

On our courses we train and share our experiences with the law enforcement agencies’ employees, working or preparing for work: in high terrorist activity areas, with private security company employees, life guards, civil servants, persons preparing for business trips in the high terrorist activity areas, and wishing to gain safe and effective weapon using skills for self-defense.

This course will be also useful to those citizens who would like to improve their skills and to learn how to shoot. It is no secret that if you buy a fowling piece or limited destruction weapons and put them in the strongbox, you do not become more protected. You would be able to handle the available weapon skillfully in order to protect your family and yourselves just in case if you are trained properly.

On our course you will be taught how to work safely with short- and long-barreled weapons, tactical actions at a fire contact.

Exclusive training methodology: psychologist instructor is involved in the training process. Students undergo psychological test and get their results. Psychologist teach how to solve the stressful situation while working with the weapon at a fire contact.

On the morrow of course students receive a certificate confirming their successful completion of the high quality training: the initial course of handling the short- and long-barreled weapons. Students, successfully completed the previous course, are allowed to undergo an advanced course. Major part of advanced course is dedicated to practical shooting and tactical actions.



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