“Traumatic greenhorn”

“Owning a handgun doesn't make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.”

John Dean "Jeff" Cooper, one of the founders of the modern pistol shooting technique

Nowadays Russians own more than 1,5 million units of the traumatic weapons. Most of these pistols never leave the safes and their owners can hardly imagine what skills and knowledge are required to the holder of such weapons.

About the course: This course is based on the “RSB-Group” instructors’ experience, including the elements of practical shooting and defense, Israeli techniques and Soviet developments in operative pistol use in the fleeting fire contact. We believe that every weapon owner should have relevant skills of safe and efficient handling. Armed but untrained person is a source of a potential danger, first of all to himself. The main objective of the course is to gain key skills for the self-defense with a traumatic weapon and to use of the weapon in a short distance.

For whom:

  • Citizens owning traumatic weapons, but who does not have experience
  • Private security employees
  • Security structure employees who work with service weapons
  • Citizens who wish to gain skills of safe and effective use of weapons for self-defense
  • Russian citizens who want to improve their skills and to escape from the stuffy office

Duration: 8 hours.

Price: €125

The price includes:

  • Certificate
  • Instructor’s extra consulting
  • Work of our instructors and assistants
  • Rent of the shooting gallery
  • Targets imitating bad guys
  • Lunch (pizza, coffee, tea)

Fields of study:

  • effective teaching concept;
  • general safety rules;
  • 3 types of charging the arms;
  • producing of accurate shot: grip, stand, lowering processing;
  • production of precision multi-shot; the change of the fire rate;
  • eliminating of the delays;
  • snatching the weapon from the holster (shooting on the contact, close and middle distance, "lightning", the protection of weapons from capture, chambering a cartridge in the chamber);
  • short movement (withdrawal from the firing line);
  • shooting in motion (shooting niche on the move in the applied shooting);
  • long movement and stabilization after the movement;
  • safe handling of the weapons according to the rules of IPSC, and in the applied shooting - the similarities and differences;
  • shooting from behind cover;
  • shooting by strong and weak hands;
  • final exercise;
  • methods of forming a personal training system, the training exercises.

Instructor: operating officer of the Maritime Security Department of "RSB-Group". Instructor IPSC. He has passed special tactical training in the Philippines, Israel and the US together with the operatives of foreign private special forces. The prize-winner and winner of numerous competitions in practical shooting and defense-

You should have with you:

  • Uniforms – tactical, belt holster
  • Light summer shoes
  • Passport (a copy of the pre-send together with the application)
  • Means for hearing protection (headset), shooting glasses
  • Traumatic pistol
  • Ammunition (50 pcs) *

* If necessary, students would be able to buy ammunition at a shooting range.



Download the contract offer to learn more conditions of training service.