Tactical training

Possession of weapons does not guarantee its effective use. Rapid movements do not guarantee that you will stay alive. Professionalism in operating with firearms and edged weapons, awareness of different types of tactics (city, assault, protection, forest, jungle, mountains, escorting of convoys, etc.), excellent physical and psychological training, survival and first aid skills can ensure up to 90% of the task performance. The rest 10% are the luck and coincidence, which we are unable to influence.

Individual training of officers of special forces, private security guards or employees of private military companies let them to perform tasks of varying complexity successfully. Only through constant repetitions, through sweat and fear, blood and pain, we can achieve automaticity in our actions and the possibility to apply knowledge reflexively. Knowledge of weapons, ability to survive in different situations and work in team are vital not only for soldiers and guards. In our difficult time if civilians live in the areas with a high terrorist threat they should be able to organize themselves to defend their city, street, house, family and friends. Radical Islamists, terrorist organizations such as ISIL and others threaten to blow up Russian cities and sow fear and death on our streets. We believe that our government and our army should have a prepared resource to mobilization. We believe that in various unforeseen emergencies civilians should be able to unite to fight against terrorism and protect their families.

Our instructors are ready to hold classes on fire and tactical training with different categories of students. Classes for law enforcement agencies provide the most complete knowledge of all issues and aspects of anti-terrorist activities. Special tactical and fire training are based on personal combat experience of instructors of "RSB - Group"gained in Somalia, South Sudan, Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, North Caucasus, during armed guard and protection of the ships from Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden, the Persian Gulf, the Indian Ocean. This experience and knowledge are different from what is taught in Russian military schools. It is no better and no worse. It's just different... and effective.

Our students get knowledge in the necessary amount needed for protective and proactive but not attacking actions. They learn the rules of safe gun handling, pass fire training, study tactics of work in the groups, practise unarmed combat using available tools. Cadets who will take courses and successfully pass exams and tests will receive a Certificate of Completion of special courses with an international European authorization. The certificate is accepted in Europe. We will offer jobs in PMC "RSB-Group" for most trained and successful cadets.



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